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"It's 1973 just as I remember it. What a read!"

Dave Robinson, Founder of Stiff Records

Teen Avenue

ISBN: 978-1-7385054-0-1

London. 1973. 

Glam Rock rules the charts.

Welsh wrestler and hardman Elisud Jones is hired to find a Soho gangster’s missing girlfriend, Angie Bright-Silver, thought to be in Mayfair, recording new material which she hopes will rebuild her faltering career.

Elisud digs beneath the veneer of glam rock era Mayfair - dubbed ‘Teen Avenue’ by pop mogul Mickie Most - intersecting with the likes of David Cassidy, Lou Reed, Lynsey de Paul in a demi-monde existing in recording studios, shabby nightclubs, high-end prostitution rackets, Californian cults, and the sybaritic green room of Top Of The Pops.


The first in a series of Elisud Jones stories, Teen Avenue brilliantly marries the crime thriller with rock heritage biographies, creating a classic seventies sleuth; flawed but charismatic, violent but philosophical, a Philip Marlowe in loon pants.

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